Whatcha Gonna Voodoo? Part 3 of 5

Hm? Sacrifice?

I'm having trouble with that word because it implies lack. And if there is anything I've learned with this whole process of creating life as you want it to be, to engage in a feeling of lack is to draw it in like a curse. So, I've no sense of sacrifice defining any of my life. I'm practicing reaching for joyful thoughts moment to moment so the attachment to duty is one where I'm charmed by that bigger part of me that is always happy. The most mundane activity can be pleasurable. In other words, the gods will have to go without. I've got nothing to offer up. I'm under the magical spell of knowing that life is unfolding cleverly and as I continue to live in the abundance of my Now, I find that 'duty' is really just another word for 'play'...

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