This Might Sound Crazy

While loitering on a sidewalk outside a nightclub in San Francisco on a September night in 1994, I found the cover of a booklet lying in the gutter. Written by Marilena Silbey and Paul Ramana Das, it was called "How to Survive Passionate Intimacy with a Dreamy Partner While Making a Fortune on the Path to Enlightenment." Sadly, the rest of the text was missing. Ever since, hungry for its wisdom, I've tried to hunt down a copy of the whole thing, but to no avail. I'm hoping that maybe you will consider writing your own version of the subject. If you do, please send it to me. ~ Robbing Me Right

Timely! I decided to put away ALL writing except for one script. A screenplay.

Last year, about this time, I had a serious 'you can do this' moment while watching a couple of my one-acts go up on my own rural Broadway. Naturally, I engaged in more playwriting only to find myself dissatisfied. To purge flighty thoughts that flutter in my brain, I engage in poetry. And, of course, I blog. Those types of writing, ineffectually, are avoidance behaviors keeping me from what has really been calling me forward -- the characters in this script.

I had a funny thing happen during a script-chat recently. I was remind of how interconnected I had been to people supporting my ideas. And when one of them traveled off to the great screening room in the sky, I subconsciously allowed the work to follow. I have no doubt he's watching and enjoying the hell of the work in my "vibrational reality" because, over the last several weeks, I have persistently felt his presence. A joyful presence but one that periodically says: What are you doing? You're not writing.

If I had a sense of guilt, I would credit it to my imagination. Tag it as some emotionally charged apparition to placate moments of weakness in an otherwise hard worker. But there's no guilt. He's just bugging me. I even told him to go away. He's not budging. So now that I'm completely endeared by his faithfulness to the work, I am thinking and thinking and thinking and seeing and seeing and seeing what I think he has been watching. I'm truly inspired. And, yes, a little insane. Nonetheless, Marilena & Paul may not be too far off in the premise of my story.