We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.~ T. S. Eliot

No thought is an orphan to its creator. No action isolated from its source. Be willing participants in your reality and responsible builders of your creation. The wonderful thing about creation is that it returns to you; so, you can observe and adjust and realign that which you desire. ~ Ships of Song

I have not ended world hunger. I have not cured any disease. I have not won a Pulitzer. But as I take inventory over the last year, I accept that I have done something quite amazing. With intent, I set into motion a circle...sending out thought in a slightly different direction than ever before. It has all come back to me new and, with open arms and confident hands, I'm already readjusting, realigning with that which continues to resonate in me. In this infinite process of refining, there will be more circles with some creations and fewer with others while shaping it all into existence. Reality truly is the beautiful illusion at the heart of creating. I read the other day, I don't remember where, to accept 'what is'...to embrace it and, I inferred, make peace with it. I think it means to make peace with the reality of others because there will never need to be peace made with that over which we have absolute control. Never. "Now", for me, serves one purpose: Focus (in the most delightful way possible). One creation that has my greatest attention, one I expect will return again and again, is to truly feel the worthiness of knowing I have been given the birthright of absolute power in what is called My Life.