Happy Birthday Audrey

What have you had to relinquish in the past ten months, Virgo? What were you forced to sacrifice or surrender? Whatever it is, I predict you will be compensated for it over the course of the next 12 months. And the process begins soon. It's not likely that the incoming blessing will bring an exact replacement for the dream that got away. Rather, you will be awakened to an unexpected new source of excitement, thereby dissolving the lingering sense of loss and liberating you to rise again. ~Vir-a-GoGo

May 17th wraps 10 months* of being what was so scandalously known back in the day as a
divorcée! My friend actually used the word while we were chatting over tea and coffee one morning. We laughed when I came up with the idea of going as one circa 1960 for Halloween. By the time that Tricky Eve arrived my costume had ended up morphing into Audrey Hepburn w/Bini boots. Yes, one makes due though there is a part of me that thinks Holly would have gone lightly on me.

I have no expectations for the next 12 months. Frankly, I don't have any for the next 12 minutes but I have set some rather beautiful intentions for myself and for those I love. The last 10 months have brought significant changes. I have most definitely learned to surrender. Not in the sense above but rather taking surrendering as a means to nurture joy. Allowing any and all things that impede joy to be gifted to The Greater Power to be transform and returned to serve the higher good. That's true surrendering...and it takes practice. More than that it takes faith but I love Joseph Campbell's take on it:

I don't have to have faith, I have experience.

I so get him now.
I was not forced to sacrifice but rather I chose to surrender. As a result, I have been witness to some powerful and loving transformations of everyone involved. That transformation is serving our collective higher good. It's a process. A journey. Dreams did not get away. Dreams were freed to grow.

* I stand corrected. I've been reminded that I'm off in my calculations. I've never professed to be good at numbers. Or relationships. Or blogging past my bedtime.