Day 07: How Deep Is Your Love* aka Good Medicine

There are moments in life when you know exactly where you were as a particular moment hit. Especially, when it is surrounded by sadness and a little healing is needed. This is an excerpt from an evening UStream that aired on 11/11/09. I had planned to catch the replay. Other things were going down. It was the night that the children were told of the changes that would be happening along with an open loving discussion of their thoughts and fears. They're incredible children. They ebb and flow with change learning as they go that no matter the circumstances they have the powerful choice to be happy. So, when all was said and done, they went on about their business.

One opens the UStream and I hear this lick as I'm walking out of the room. I stop and I think, I know that song. Of course I do. It's been on manual repeat at the turntable after finding an old 45 at a garage sale. It's not uncommon for me to reverted to my childhood passions for comfort. I guess the Universe just felt I needed a little extra TLC. I'm getting that that's how deeply It loves me.

So, naturally, I had to shed a few tears of appreciation.

*Favorite cover of your favorite song.