Day 12: A Star is Born*

Once upon a time, in a universe not unlike our own, some serious @#$% went down. The "Ohm" threaten to go Home. With complete passion, It kept creating music but no one could hear The Tune to join in because the tenants were too busy gettin' all up in each others faces with their judgments and all their conditional love. Most particularly on this one little planet. Relative to its size, the chatter there was, to say the least, painfully annoying and without a good dance beat.

So, The Ohm packed up Its truthbrush and started to trip-the-light-fantastic outta there. It got a few lightyears away when It was suddenly stopped by quite an impressive nebula. While collapsing, coalescing, and encircling The Tune it begged, "Oh No, Ohm! Don't go Home!"

The Ohm exclaimed, "My refrain's become mundane."

"You need a little something exSTARordinary!" The nebula suggested.

The Ohm gave that a "Hmmmm."

The nebula continued, "You need a Carrier of the Tune."

"Stellar!" Agreed The Ohm.

So, with a bit of fancy dancing, the nebula birthed a lively little star. The Ohm was pleased. It sang to the star night after night until It was sure it had The Tune down. When it did, The Ohm guided it back to all the annoying chatter and told it to fall.

Did it ever.

Its light so bright shooting across the skies caused the tenants to cease their chatter and watch in awe. And in that moment of awe, they all heard The Tune. Delighted, each began to 'ohmmmm' it in their own special way. Each began to dance; each began to sway.

And The Ohm thought, "That's the way to play."

The End

* Your favorite musical artist's life story...give or take a few embellishments.