Day 13: Speaking of Births...*

My first child was (and still is) very precocious. She walked at 8.5 months and was a whiz at problem solving very early on. I bought mail-order toys for her that arrived at the same time each month and we would play with them developing whatever target skill was to be mastered that month in development. She was a little go-getter and had a fiery temper when you tried to do anything for her. Anything. Anyway, after a long day of working, I needed to run to the grocery store and I asked her to get ready which usually meant getting her Baby LuLu in tow. She was about a year old. When we went to the store, I always allowed her to walk around. She wasn't very good at sitting still in the cart. So she went about "shopping". At some point, a woman comes up to me and tells me her diaper is falling off. She wore cloth diapers and as precocious as she was I knew she had not learned how to unfasten the "childproof" safety pins. Plus, the diapers were abnormally large compared to disposable. So, I told the woman that was just her diaper that she was seeing sticking out from under her dress. Later, the woman comes back and insists that my child's diaper has come off and I look a head of me just in time to see a pair of my undies on the linoleum floor right before my babydoll scoops them up and pulls them back over her diaper while trying desperately not to drop her babydoll.

*A memory that never fails to make you laugh!