Day 30: Disco'urse

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. ~Martha Graham

Not surprising, many of the blogs in this challenge had blatant spiritual overtones because that is just where I am in the journey. It's lovely to incorporate the hugest part of me into the smallest of a day's movement. It makes everything sacred. Now, most in my outer realities just see Me as me. I don't preach but I do engage in discourse. I am often asked questions about how I see something. The soul has many hidden languages. We interpret them through our senses but we have to be aware that we're in a conversation in the first place. That random voice in your head is not so random. It's your consciousness seeking awareness. I'm learning to partner up with Mine and am allowing It to dip as deeply as it likes. And, as my Hip-Hop class resumes, I am loving the soulful connections the women and I have towards each other. It's silly. It's fun. And it's sisterhood. Life is a dance where sometimes the groove is easy and sometimes you find yourself doing The Running Man while the other is doing the Bus Stop. But as the sages of the ages have all indicated, there is a common rhythm when one learns to Go With the Flow. And it is in The Flow that the greatest communication takes place.