Dear Universe, “Find me where you know I need to be.” ~ Gary Zukav

I loved Zukav's quote the second I read it. Yes. What a perfect prayer. What a perfect desire. And so, with a open heart, I am choosing to embrace it fully. I've been doing a 21 Day Vegan Challenge* and, also with an open heart, chose to totally violate it today. By doing so, I found myself at my local coffee shop. The compulsion was literally steering the wheel. When I get there, I see a friend that I've not seen in awhile. A long while. So long, in fact, I did not realize she had been divorced...for over a year. She asks me how I'm doing. As I tell her of my well-being, I can see that she isn't doing well at all. Sometimes another's pain can be so visceral it becomes your own. But I've learned that taking that on doesn't serve anyone. It's true that you cannot get sad enough to make someone happy only in a positive state of knowing All-Is-Well can you create wellness. Since we create our realities, I fully understand that this is not altruistic. It has something to do with me and it has something to do with hope...that very fluid energy that slips easily in and out of our world. Just the act of making a time to talk can be a hopeful act towards healing. What's on the other end of that anticipated time together is infinite in possibility. One being, finding her lost Self. But I know she'll find herself again because, like my mom used to always say when we went to the fair or a carnival, If you get lost just stay still, don't move and I'll find you.

My friend just has to get still.

*Dear Eggs & Salmon, I miss you. ~ Andi