Late Bloomer

You don't have to justify the good that flows to you; it is a given. You are of more value in the joy of your cross-stitching than in the struggle of your ironing. ~ LOA

I think this is now my favorite LOA quote. I had an epiphany when I read it. Particularly, after my last post regarding the Higher Mind conceiving, the brain receiving and my mere human mind perceiving. Suddenly, it was all very simple to me. I am a child. I have a Parent that loves and adores me that has given "birth" to me. Me, It's grand idea. It's eyes, ears, hands, heart and voice. That Parent will never abandon me. That was a huge leap having in the closets of my finite mind the memories of such a thing. That I'll not go without. Again, even that, required clearing closets. That with this Loving Parent, I ask and I receive. That I am supported and encouraged. I just have to pay attention and understand a couple of rules (laws). Why? It makes the job of My Parent in helping me create the life I desire so much more easy. For me to have a life of effortlessness and ease, it serves me to offer up to My Source myself with as much effortlessness and ease as I am able to create moment to moment. I am not here to fix anything. There is nothing broken. Only agreements. And degrees of contrast. Some contrast so heavily mixed with the human emotions of suffering that the lives become unquestionably dark. But in the understanding that what is real is our "state of being" in any given circumstance and that the circumstance itself is the ever changing illusion, we can learn to call forth our joyful light and cast it and, even more importantly, inspire the light in another and, thus, open them to the ease of letting in the life they dream of. And what child doesn't dream? I love being around children. There is not an untainted child that cannot cast a light full of joy. And there is not a tainted child that cannot be reminded of how to relight their joy. And when we are joy, moment to moment, magic happens. And what child doesn't love magic?

"We of the universe beseech you to be the light that shines in darkness of your world; for, you are the eyes, ears, hands, heart, and the voice of God* in the physical plane of existence.
" ~ Ships of Song

*Or any other word you wanna use.