Signs of My Time


© Marylou Falstreau 2012

"My life was mapped out for me, when I was a child, by parents who thought they knew me. My strengths and weaknesses were tallied up and a course was set, insuring my protection. I was taught to stay within imaginary lines and believe in common sense - the kind that sucks the life out of things and makes you feel safe and secure, in a scary kind of way.

But flowers don't thrive in these conditions and even though I didn't know it at the time, I was a flower waiting to bloom.

Since then I have learned that insurance policies have loopholes and that being safe doesn't make you secure.

I've learned that faith is more than "lip service" and that hearts can be broken more than once, and survive.

I've learned that dreams "torment" for a reason and that love is an energy that heals.

I've learned that Life does wait, as you figure things out and that maps can be re-written as needed.

I've learned that "signposts" created by others are a tool.... but no one says you have to follow them, if you don't want to."