C is for...


It's a long story. I'll tell it soon. But, basically, I hired a young woman to work with my son. At the time, I was requesting to truly understand Unconditional Love and how it served my path, blah, blah, blah. I'll tell more of that soon, too. But, unknowingly, I hired a pregnant woman who.....smokes. I didn't ask whether she did or not because in my reality pregnant women don't smoke. I can be very naive. There was a moment, as I looked at her, that I thought: Can't continue to hire her. I can't give her money to support this habit. This is wrong. But then my Soul stepped in and said: How can you serve her? She is here to serve you. How are you going to honor the Best Her?

Got it.

I've only lovingly talked to her about smoking. I've offered to pay for an Rx and have given her information that many have used successfully without medications. When she began working she was at 11 - 12 smokes. Now when stressed, which began to be less and less as we spent time together,  6?

Recently we began implementing coconut oil into my son's diet. Slowly and happily seeing interesting improvements. We still have our moments but they're not days! She took it upon herself to research the benefits. Completely enamored, she's become quite versed and even put herself on the coconut detox. No small surprise, her cigarette craving is almost completely gone. She still struggles with the motor memory mostly. The habits of the habit.

Anyway, I will tell her life story soon. She's given me permission. And as we've grown close, that story has empowered me in so many way. She has been of great service to the path of my Soul. And I love her unconditionally.