A is for...


I'm 62" high except for the 1/4" that went missing somewhere in my youth while holding steady at a 117 lbs when wearing jeans. I know that jeans weigh roughly a pound after a baggage clerk at an airline recently informed us that one pound over would be an extra $50 bucks. Luckily, the trusty carry-on came through for that pair of Lucky's. 

I also have dark brown hair that is beginning to show signs of greying. I'm not one to color, sooo, I'm in the throes of making peace with my follicles. To soften this, the Universe had me run into this beautiful woman while paying the city bill the other day. Her hair was an amazing mix of black and grey and it looked rather smexy. I think it must have been a bit of her Mexican flair.  Attitude is everything "they" say. Nonetheless, I'm manifesting awesome hair or an organic hair salon in my future. 

My eyes have a strange color. My driver's license says Hazel but I was once pulled over by a trooper who said they were more Blue and teased that he could take me in for falsifying documents. Funny guy unlike the time I was actually getting my driver's license and learned what the term, "cop a feel" meant as the officer helped me with my seatbelt. He was not interested in my eyes. And he was not funny. 


Oh, I'm also a recovering INFP. 

*Sept. 3rd