Mobile Mysticism

If the entire world was a forest, it might be said that I live in the shade under a very small tree. I drive where very few stoplights dictate traffic flow. I dawdle in a place where moving from one end of town to the other requires little in the way of my life expectancy. The lackadaisical approach, frankly, is just to pass the time. Where I am is not physically beautiful. The macro has much to be desired but looking closer this tiny bit of world is magnificent. It is a small collection of people of various shapes, sizes, sounds and hearts whom I have chosen to open up the real of mine. Warm and inviting, I lean into names and faces who have become so familiar they feel like my old beat up flannels. It is a place that knows everyone's business. Public and private. It's a place that knows mine. And I have come into the business of Myself. Granted, it doesn't pay well yet but I like my boss. Moreover, I like the love that those names and faces invest in this selfish venture of mine. It is here that I have found my connection to the larger playful Me. That expansive child running wild about the Universe taking this brief moment in this lifetime to stop and rest in the shade under this very small tree. Where we head next is selfishly up to Me.