Thanks From Bridge of the Gods

...and a few Goddesses.

I am meditating on a continued connection with the Divine over the next several weeks. Soon, I'm scheduled to sign my life back over to me. It seems an odd way to put anyone's life into context. But that's how it's done. I feel blessed that my life has taken on a new way of being. I often speak of expansion...of extending and growing in directions that beckon us to follow our bliss, (love to you, Campbell, wherever you are) yet, I can't help feeling the bitter sweetness in the natural disconnection that will result in this reclaiming. But I know, in any direction, I can offer up my love and appreciation to those who have supported my quest for authenticity. And I do. To you friends (even if you never read this), my beautiful bridges connecting me to hope, faith and Self-love, travels my deepest gratitude.