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Behold, an "award" from my daughter inspired by Club Penguin (if you run your cursor over the Yellow penguin you'll see we have much in common) and by this Red Carpet raillery at this year's Grammy night.

She was not about to honor a past request for her version of Ukulele Boy but felt a sketch honoring her Mom was do-able...to my great fortune. She's been drawing since she was 6 months old. That's when she began sitting well. One of her sisters put paper next to her and shoved a crayon in her hand and she never looked back though she did fall over a few times. Her current passion is Toontown characters. She will study their form for hours either by way of playing the game or going to YouTube and selecting certain videos that allow for clarity when paused. I know this only because I've spied on her. She keeps most of her drawing locked away for no one to see. She has allowed me to share a few but, much like her mother, knows a few critics in the outside world have a way of imposing themselves on creativity. But, unlike her mother, she has a great deal more confidence in her ability and voices her need for her "Me" time. She makes time for her passion. After a few chores, of course.