Faithful Friends

While chatting it up last night with one of my oldest friends, in terms of years of knowing, wrote this to me:

I know you will LOVE what you discover about yourself. We all see it! -- G.Z.

What do they see?

I find myself apologizing. I have not been nice to myself. For a very long time, I've been on a two-way street of misalignment. And I resisted traveling towards any dreams I had beyond what was expected of me by others. I'm learning how very important this elusive thing called Self-Love is. To be your own mirror that allows the reflective force to be the Source within you. To embrace the As Is of you with thoughts of what Will Become brewing in the Now.

I'm getting there.

On another blog, I mentioned that I keep this small 'note to self' on my writing desk: Seek ye first the wisdom of You within.

My little twist on an old standard. Writing it to myself when it was least true in me with the hopes it would become all of me.

So, I think it wise to use this time to offer up love to those of you following me. You don't have to but you chose to. I mentioned to Leah, through a comment in one of the blogs, that I'm writing this for myself. I follow several blogs. I enjoy commenting on the wonderful thoughts and notions people have of themselves and the world. I'm inspired often. I'm catching up on years of quiet thoughts that went unheard because I believed I was not in a place to voice them or that they were not important enough to be heard. Now, here I am. Here, like always, by accident. This blog simply sets an intention and opens a frequency to those even remotely within my wave-range to tune in. In those same comments to Leah, I mentioned how very grateful I was for my three followers. Imagine my delight in now having nine!

You, just hanging around reading here and there, are helping me to clarify what I see in the mirror. Life IS Good...because you're reflected in it.

Love & Blessings & A Big Bear Hug

(I'm totally buying myself that bear for Valentine's Day :)(K...Update: I didn't buy the bear but I did come down with an awful head cold that allowed for some much needed
time...the Universe, my most faithful friend, has given me some serious love. :)!