Maybe Later

Sometimes yes is upstream and no is going with the flow. I find it heroic to go with the flow. The spontaneous journey I spoke of was altered to align with my vibe and preexisting plans of travel in another direction. But the whole invincibility thing -- the being, having, doing anything you want -- got me thinking about relocating which bounced thoughts around in my head of New Zealand. Doing this kind of thinking before bed definitely influences dreams. One of mine was being stranded on a deserted island. I awoke to a 'what if' I was really stranded on a deserted island. Kinda freaked me out but made me wonder: What if I had the option of only bringing one person or thing with me what would that be? The answer came very quickly. I'd bring a pilot. And because I'm equitable, the pilot would also get to bring a person or a thing. And he would bring his plane (fully fueled, of course) because that would be the answer of any good pilot and I'd need a good pilot. Having nothing to do with the whole Amelia Earhart mystery, he would be a he because he'd also have amazing guns to lift and move things (things that are already on the island) that I could not. And though delicious to look at, he would be gay and fully mobile and I would not question his absences knowing some were due to him picking my children up to deliver them to me. Of course, this is set in the future when they are living happy lives of their own. Because, Now, I'm saying no to making time for such exotic extended vacations...and I'm good with that.