It's A Bird, It's A Plane...

I'm not saying that you should create a superhero identity for yourself and embark on a campaign to combat injustice. But if you've ever wondered whether the life of a costumed crusader is right for you, it's an excellent time to experiment. Your courage will be expanding in the coming weeks. Your craving for adventure will be strong, too. Even more importantly, your hunger to do good deeds that reach beyond your own self-interest will be growing. Interested? Check out the Superhero Supply website to get yourself operational. It's here. -- Rob


I've been pretending to be my own superhero so this comes at quite a timely time. I totally want to buy the travel-sized forcefield of invincibility that I saw here. That could be a really sweet device. Especially since I've been invited to spontaneously travel. Spontaneity is my Kryptonite. I like to plan. I like to organize.*I like my @#$% together. I like those things because they feel good to me. No other reason. If I say Yes, I will be stepping out of my own self-interest...for the greater good...maybe. Perhaps, I will even rescue myself from a vibe I have not mastered clearing. Adventure into some serious R&R. I wonder if I could take an invisible plane?

*Uh...k...I'm not that organized.