Best Get Started

Let My Best Quest 2011 Begin:

1. Focus on me & my connection with my Higher Self while allowing the cleverness of the Universe to bring into my life the people, places & things that serve my higher good & the good of those I love. This #1 goal is the foundation for all of the following resolutions.

2. Help my son master communication on the iPad (Those just dropping in, he is moderately to severely autistic in terms of how others would like him to behave. I desire, like I believe he does, to communicate more effectively & I dare say we maybe thanking Steve Jobs at some point this year ;).

3. Continue to facilitate my children's understanding of the powerful creators they are while nurturing their physical needs & making space for their creations to manifest.

4. Carve out more quality time with my friends & family & continue to work within the community on endeavors like recycling, arts for the youth & city beautification (We're not exactly the most attractive town but perhaps one of the most loving, imho).

5. Fall back in love with photography. I have been a neglectful lover. I would like to focus more artistically than I have in the past. I'll also give Getty permission to circulate my photography. Not sure how it all works but something in me is saying, Just Do It (and now I have the urge to hit a few tennis balls...possible photo-op :).

6. Finish at least two scripts this year. Screenplays. In the last 24 hours, I have made tremendous headway on one & I have a house in disarray to prove it. I write because I love the act of something from nothing. So, the biggest goal is to keep the love flowing throughout the process & see where it lands me.

7. I have yet to use my Masters of Arts degree. I began my resume some months ago & contemplated teaching. Then I contemplated not. I've waited to try that on & used my time to homeschool. Recently, I've been asked to direct community theater. That might be a fit. My goal is to stay open.

8. In one blog, I mention that music was deeply buried in my past. Recently, it's been resurrected. I have so much love for those who took an interest. It gave me confidence to contact someone locally who is collaborating with me on more music. The final outcome should be a digital EP...maybe two. These are songs I would love to hear other artists sing.

9. I *heart* my girlfriends who are all in a hip-hop class together. They want me to join. Having a history of choreography (self-taught being my middle name), I would LOVE to but they also want me to perform...in front of people...on stage. Ha...this will truly be one of the most difficult resolutions to execute if I become a YES. My goal, again, is to stay open.

10. I plan to be the best partner EVER in running my business. Literally & figuratively. My life is my business & my business is my livelihood. It deserves me at my best. Having said this, I also want to define myself apart from that co-creation. Not in a need for greed but for self-actualization (It's true when you connect with yourself on a deep level all that's worldly takes on less significance. But I also know that all is spiritual first before it physically shows up. There is so much I have created that has been evidence to support this. Wealth is no different).

(20)11. I'll continue to trust in a clever Universe while embracing the knowledge that I am part of the creative intelligence sourcing that Universe. And I'll remind myself daily -- All Is So Very Well In My World.